IELTS is a basic English test for people, who are looking to move to English speaking nations for Job change, Study prospects or migration. The test aims to check the basic knowledge of sustenance in the country. It is of two types – General purpose and Academic Purpose. Academic purpose is a bit tough nut to crack.
There, we come in. With our trainers – who are deft in teaching language to clear the test.

Section Duration IELTS ACADEMIC
Listening 30 Minutes + 10 Minutes for transferring Answers Tapes are played and students answer according to exam conditions
Reading 60 Minutes Three long reading passages with task. Texts range from the descriptive and factual to discrusive & analytical includes non-verbal material like diagrams , Graphs & illustrations texts are authentic (E.g. Taken From Books , journals & Newspaper)
Writing 60 Minutes Detailed discussions and personal interaction for writing well-organized and focused essays. Stating all the relevant points with detailed explanations to justify the opinion.
Speaking 11 to 14 Minutes The face-to-face interview includes short questions, speaking at length about a familiar topic and a structured discussion Individual practice in class and personal interviews in a one-to one session. The speaking module with the use of personal recorders is meant to provide a live and immediate feedback of how a student speaks. The speaking test is recorded and is played back to the candidate so that the student gets a feedback on how his or her accent, intonation, syntax, grammar and fluency sounds .Before the speaking session begins, all students are expected to self-evaluate their speaking skills on a scale of 1-9. After student has done speaking, the class evaluates the student. Finally, the instructor provides the actual score. This session therefore increases class participation and makes all students aware of their shortcomings, with an objective to hone their faculties of speech and listening.

International English Language Testing System