Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are a very important part of the application process. As colleges become more and more sought out from the increasing number of applicants each year, the need to stand out from the competition is also increasing. Nearly all college applications require letters of recommendation from previously attended school, college or University or from previous employer.

These guidelines will help you know who and how to ask for letters

  • 1. Ask the Right People to Recommend You

Choose someone who can speak in concrete terms about the passion and energy that you bring to your work.

  • 2. Ask Politely

Remember, you are asking for a favor. Your recommender has a right to refuse your request. Don't assume that it is anyone's duty to write a letter for you, and realize that these letters take a lot of time out of your recommender's already busy schedule.

  • 3. Allow Enough Time

Respect your recommender and give him or her a couple weeks minimum to write your letters. Your request already imposes on your recommender's time, and a last-minute request is an even greater imposition.

  • 4. Provide Detailed Instructions

Make sure your recommenders know exactly when the letters are due and where they should be sent. Also, be sure to tell your recommenders what your goals are for college so that they can focus the letters on relevant issues.