Section Duration IELTS ACADEMIC
Listening 30 Minutes + 10 Minutes for transferring Answers Tapes are played and students answer according to exam conditions
Reading 60 Minutes Three long reading passages with task. Texts range from the descriptive and factual to discrusive & analytical includes non-verbal material like diagrams , Graphs & illustrations texts are authentic (E.g. Taken From Books , journals & Newspaper)
Writing 60 Minutes Detailed discussions and personal interaction for writing well-organized and focused essays. Stating all the relevant points with detailed explanations to justify the opinion.
Speaking 11 to 14 Minutes The face-to-face interview includes short questions, speaking at length about a familiar topic and a structured discussion Individual practice in class and personal interviews in a one-to one session. The speaking module with the use of personal recorders is meant to provide a live and immediate feedback of how a student speaks. The speaking test is recorded and is played back to the candidate so that the student gets a feedback on how his or her accent, intonation, syntax, grammar and fluency sounds .Before the speaking session begins, all students are expected to self-evaluate their speaking skills on a scale of 1-9. After student has done speaking, the class evaluates the student. Finally, the instructor provides the actual score. This session therefore increases class participation and makes all students aware of their shortcomings, with an objective to hone their faculties of speech and listening.

International English Language Testing System


Section Duration IELTS ACADEMIC
Reading 60 - 80 Minutes 36 - 56 Questions
Listening 60 - 90 Minutes 34 - 51 Questions
Break 10 Minutes
Speaking 20 Minutes 6 Tasks
Writing 50 Minutes 2 Tasks


Section Duration No of Questions
Reading 55 Minutes 50 - Multiple choice questions
Listening 30 - 40 Minutes 50 - Questions
Break 10 Minutes
Speaking 25 Minutes 4 Tasks
Writing 30 Minutes 2 Tasks

Test of English as a Foreign Language


Section Duration No of Questions
Part - 1 Speaking & Writing 77 - 93 Minutes Read aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-Tell Lecture, Answer short question, Summarize written text (One Sentence) , Summarize written text (Paragraph) , Essay (20Mins)
Part - 2 Reading 32 - 41 Minutes Re-Order Paragraphs & Fill in the Blanks
Part - 2 Break 10 Minutes A Ten minutes break is Optional
Part - 3 Listening 45 - 57 Minutes Multiple Choice , Fill in the Blanks , Highlight the correct summary , Select Missing word , Highlight incorrect words , Write from dictation

Pearson Tests of English

Occupational English Test

Sections Duration OET Description
Listening 45 minutes The Listening subsection is divided into 3 parts that test the candidates listening capabilities in various formats.
Reading 60 Minutes The Reading subsection is divided into 3 parts that test the candidates reading capabilities in various formats.
Writing 45 Minutes The Writing subsection is profession specific and requires candidates to write a letter of reference.
Speaking 20 Minutes The Writing subsection is profession specific and requires candidates to enact a roleplay from the healthcare environment.

Occupational English Test

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Section Duration GMAT ACADEMIC
Analytical Writing Section 30 Minutes Analysis of Argument ( Essay)
Integrated Reasoning 30 Minutes Table Analysis / Two - Part Analysis / Multi- Source Reasoning & Graphic Interpretation
Quantitative Reasoning 62 Minutes Data Sufficiency / Problem Solving
Verbal Reasoning 65 Minutes Reading unseen passages / Sentence Correction / Critical Reasoning