Reading: The reading section has questions related to reading passages, and each passage consists of 10-11 questions. There are 5 of them in total, and the length of the passages vary. The primary purpose of the section is to assess the candidate's ability to understand and assimilate written text. The candidate is expected to know the meaning of words in context, along with associated variations in implied meanings and impact due to the exact word usage.

English, Writing, and Language: Writing section has 4 passages, with each passage associated with 10-11 questions. A candidate is expected to spot errors, rephrase marked/highlighted sentences with better alternatives etc. Main focal point revolves around the usage and understanding of grammar. Since the student is applying for a foreign university, vocabulary, Grammar, Editing of the sentences and punctuations are considered well.

Mathematics: The Math section is 80 minutes long and has 58 questions. It has a couple of basic sub-sections: a 25-minute section (no calculator) and a 55-minute section (calculator allowed). Math questions involve knowledge of subject areas such as arithmetic, geometry, algebra, statistics, and probability. It also involves data interpretation from tables/graphs and problem-solving. For Mathematics, it is usually a good idea to identify your areas of improvement early on (insufficient grasp of fundamentals, or skewed time management etc). Once you zero-in on a deficiency, it is advisable to devise a laser-focused strategy to strengthen the deficiency.

Essay (Optional): Essays are completely an optional question but this essay section will test the comprehension skills of the candidate. The time allotted for this task is 50 minutes, and it is meant to assess your understanding of the given data/case and the quality of your writing. 650-700 is the expected length of the essay, and the candidate should take a stance on the issue at hand. However, expounding on personal opinions is not expected and the purview is limited to the given data. Precise language in a logical and consistent manner fetches good marks.

SAT Exam Pattern

SAT is developed and published by the College Board. It is administered by Educational Testing Services worldwide on behalf of the College Board in over 25,000 test centers across 192 countries.

In SAT, Total 3 hours of time is allotted without essay type question and 3hrs 50minutes is allotted for with essay type exam pattern.

Section Test Duration Number of Questions
Evidence - Based Reading and Writing Reading 65 minute 52
Evidence - Based Reading and Writing Writing and Language 35 minute 44
Mathematics Math (Calculater not allowed) 25 minute 20
Mathematics Math (Calculater allowed) 55 minute 38
Essay Optional 55 minute 1Task